Technological solutions due to increased demand must be fulfilled quickly either for customers or enterprises

There is a tremendous need for enterprise application (especially transactional applications) for enterprises.

These distributed enterprise applications must be designed , implemented and deployed in less time , with few resources and greater speed

J2EE provides a set of tools that helps us build a scalable enterprise applications

J2EE provides…

Programming language is a notation for describing computation to humans and machines.

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Today, Every software we use is written on some programming language but in order to run, it must first translate itself to a execution code which only machines understand.

The software do this translation are called Compilers.

The machine code produced by a compiler is much faster than executing statement…

Every word in the English language has a history

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Ego: (one’s concept of oneself, where ‘I’ is the main concern)

latin root, and several words have been formed on this root.

So, whenever you come across a word formed on this root you can foresee the meaning of it in your mind automatically, Remember when ‘I’ is main the concern.


Your attitude toward life is direct and simple and come…

An idea about java server-side technology and its advantages

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What are Servlets ?

Servlets are java classes and it is used to handle complex…

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